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    VLDP Long-Term Care Plan

    Virginia Local Disability Program (VLDP)

    If you are a Hybrid Retirement Plan member employed by a political subdivision or school division who participates in the Virginia Local Disability Program (VLDP), you are covered automatically under the VLDP Long-Term Care Plan. You pay no cost for this coverage while you are employed in a VLDP-covered position. The VLDP Long-Term Care Plan provides benefits if you need help with everyday life tasks because of a prolonged health problem or following a major illness or injury. The plan assists with the cost of:

    • Care in a nursing home or hospice
    • Assisted living facility
    • Community-based care
    • Home healthcare services
    • Informal care-giving
    • Alternative or transitional care

    The maximum daily benefit amount is $96 with a lifetime maximum of $70,080.

    You are eligible for benefits when a licensed healthcare professional certifies that:

    • You are unable to perform at least two of six activities of daily living; or
    • You have a severe cognitive impairment requiring substantial supervision to protect you from threats to health and safety.

    Waiting Period

    Benefits are payable 90 calendar days after your licensed healthcare professional certifies that you qualify for long-term care benefits.

    How to Apply

    VRS has contracted with the Long-Term Care Group, Inc. to coordinate your benefits under the plan. Contact the Long-Term Care Group, Inc. toll-free at 1-800-761-4057 within 60 days of being certified as eligible for benefits. A family member or friend may call on your behalf. To learn more about qualifying for benefits, plan highlights, plan features and coverage after you leave employment, review the Virginia Local Disability Program (VLDP) Handbook for Members pdf icon.


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