Hybrid Retirement Plan: Helping You Plan for Tomorrow, Today

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    EZLink Training

    Your staff will use EZLink, ICMA-RC's web-based system, to process contribution submissions and run essential reports.

    Note: If you are a state agency and report using CIPPS, do not view these webinars since they do not apply to you.

    View EZLink Recorded Webinars

    Features & Benefits Series

    The Hybrid Retirement Plan Features and Benefits Series provides hybrid plan members with an overview of their plan. Available resources include a webinar and a six-part video series. The video series includes an introduction to the plan and a description of how contributions and investments are handled, along with an explanation of the benefits available to hybrid plan members and retirement eligibility.

    View Features & Benefits Series

    View Features & Benefits Series

    Defined Contribution(DC) Opportunities

    From webinars and one-on-one sessions, there are several ways to learn about the Defined Contribution component of the Hybrid Retirement Plan.

    View DC Opportunities

    View DC Opportunities

    Retirement Planning & Financial Literacy

    Course details and registration information are available for a variety of educational mediums. You can even sort topics based on your current educational needs.

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