Resource Center for VRS Employers: Defined Contribution Plans

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Take these five steps to implement deferral changes in payroll, process contributions and make payments for the Defined Contribution Plans.

Get Started

1. Get Started!

Get access to MissionSquare Retirement’s web-based system EZLink.

Become familiar with these guides, which will help you administer the Defined Contribution Plans:

Make Contribution Changes

2. Make Contribution Changes

Download the monthly report for deferral changes and update payroll accordingly (for decentralized state employers, political subdivisions and school divisions that participate in the Commonwealth of Virginia 457 Plan).

Submit Payments to MissionSquare Retirement

3. Submit Payments to MissionSquare Retirement

Submit contribution files in EZLink, using online entry or a pre-formatted batch file. For batch file information, contact MissionSquare Retirement.

Send payment to MissionSquare Retirement each time you withhold contributions from employee paychecks.

Submit Payments to MissionSquare Retirement

4. Review Contribution Limits

Monitor employee’s total contributions to all 457 plan(s) throughout the calendar year. Once the limit is reached, stop all 457 contributions and employer match, if applicable.

If an employee has exceeded the 457 limit, refer to step 5 for corrections.

For the Optional Retirement Plans, the 401(a)(17) limit is applicable and requires monitoring.

Log in to EZLink to order publications, run reports and process contribution submissions.