Hybrid Retirement Plan: Helping You Plan for Tomorrow, Today

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Hybrid Member Paycheck CalculatorHybrid Member Paycheck Calculator

Use this calculator to visualize the impact of contributions and other deductions on your paycheck.

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Member Benefit Estimator

With the Member Benefit Estimator, you enter information to estimate your retirement benefit for the defined benefit component of your plan, including average final compensation, age, months of service, date you expect to retire and a benefit payout option. Estimates do not include balances in any defined contribution plans, including those administered by VRS.

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myVRS Retirement Planner

myVRS Logo The Retirement Planner, available through your secure myVRS account, incorporates an individualized goal-based approach to retirement planning by helping you take a broader view of life after work. Beyond looking at your VRS retirement plan, you also can use the planner to include additional income sources and anticipate future expenses in retirement, including income taxes, health insurance and living expenses.

Visit myVRS to get started.

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator for Defined Contribution PlansRequired Minimum Distribution Calculator for Defined Contribution Plans

Annual withdrawals must start at age 73, in most situations. Use this calculator to estimate your distribution amounts for defined contribution plans.

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