Hybrid Retirement Plan: Helping You Plan for Tomorrow, Today

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    EZLink Training

    Your staff will use EZLink, ICMA-RC's web-based system, to process contribution submissions and run essential reports.

    Note: If you are a state agency and report using CIPPS, do not view these webinars since they do not apply to you.

    View EZLink Recorded Webinars

    Features & Benefits Series

    The Hybrid Retirement Plan Features and Benefits Series provides hybrid plan members with an overview of their plan. Available resources include a webinar and a six-part video series. The video series includes an introduction to the plan and a description of how contributions and investments are handled, along with an explanation of the benefits available to hybrid plan members and retirement eligibility.

    View Features & Benefits Series

    View Features & Benefits Series

    Defined Contribution(DC) Opportunities

    From webinars and one-on-one sessions, there are several ways to learn about the Defined Contribution component of the Hybrid Retirement Plan.

    View DC Opportunities

    View DC Opportunities

    Retirement Planning

    Course details and registration information are available for a variety of educational mediums. You can even sort topics based on your current educational needs.

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