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    Leaving Employment

    Leaving Employment

    If a member separates from employment, they can take a refund of their defined benefit member contribution account and/or take a distribution from the defined contribution component. Members may also choose to leave their retirement funds in the Hybrid Retirement Plan.

    Understand your benefit options if you leave your job before retirement.

    Workforce Transition Act and Transitional Benefits Program

    As a state employee, if your involuntary separation is a layoff because of a budget reduction, agency reorganization, workforce downsizing or another cause not related to job performance or misconduct, you may qualify for Workforce Transition Act benefits.

    If you are a school division or political subdivision employee, you may qualify for the Transitional Benefits Program. Sheriffs, treasurers, commissioners of revenue, commonwealth’s attorneys and circuit court clerks are not eligible for the Transitional Benefits Program. However, personnel reporting to these employees are eligible for the program.

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