Hybrid Retirement Plan: Helping You Plan for Tomorrow, Today

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    Maximizing Your Contributions

    Maximizing Your Contributions

    Make the most of your contributions!

    Here are three steps you can take to save to the annual limit and maximize your employer match.

    Get Your 2.5 Percent Employer Match First

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    Make a 4 percent voluntary contribution to your Hybrid 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and get your full employer match of 2.5 percent. Maximize your voluntary contribution before contributing to a supplemental savings plan.

    Boost Your Savings

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    Save to the Annual Limit

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    Consider contributing to a supplemental savings plan. Just keep in mind that your total contributions to all plans, including the Hybrid 457 Plan and your supplemental plan, cannot exceed the IRS annual limit. If you reach the limit during the calendar year, your 457 contributions and employer match will stop.


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