Resource Center for VRS Employers: Hybrid Retirement Plan: Defined Contribution Component

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    Voluntary Contributions Toolkit

    Voluntary Contributions Toolkit

    1. ENGAGE - Make It Easy to Take Action

    Start your new members on the right path with these resources:

    Direct Your Employees to Start Saving Now!

    2. COMMUNICATE - Promote the Plan

    Send reminders to inspire your members to contribute 4% and keep saving until retirement.

    Contribution deadline - Communicate quarterly with an email message PDF icon.

    Flyers - Email or post (lunchrooms, elevators, community boards) to spotlight how contributing even a little now will help greatly in the long term.

    Sample articles and messaging - Reach members via email, intranet and social media posts PDF icon

    3. EDUCATE - Be a Savings Champion

    Use these resources to help educate your members about voluntary contributions: