Commonwealth of Virginia 457 Deferred Compensation Plan: Retirement Solutions Made Simple

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    DC Plans Specialists

    Defined Contribution Plans Retirement Specialists

    Local ICMA-RC Defined Contribution Plans Retirement Specialists are available to assist you with your Commonwealth of Virginia Retirement Plans, including understanding your investment options, managing contributions and developing a strategy for your retirement plan.

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    View group seminars and one-on-one consultations that are available for 457 participants. 

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    VRS South Central Region Contact

    Sherrel Addison
    South Central Region
    Contact Information:

    Read Sherrel's bio here.

    VRS Central Region Map
    VRS Northern Region Contact

    Steven Scott
    Northern Virginia
    Contact Information:

    Read Steven's bio here.

    VRS Northern Virginia Map
    VRS North Central Region Contact

    Steven McGregor
    North Central Region
    Contact information:

    Read Steven's bio here.

    VRS North Central Region Map
    VRS Tidewater Region Contact

    Mackenzie Moss
    Tidewater Region
    Contact information:

    Read Mackenzie's bio here.

    VRS Tidewater Region Map
    VRS Western Region Contact

    Janice Parker
    Western Region
    Contact information:

    Read Janice's bio here.

    VRS Southwest Region Map
    VRS Southwestern Region Contact

    Erinn Briele
    Southwestern Region
    Contact Information:

    Read Erinn's bio here.

    VRS Central Region Map
    VRS Plan Manager Contact

    Patrick Abelon
    Plan Manager
    Contact information:

    Read Patrick's bio here.

    VRS Plan Assistant Contact

    Sharon Bradley
    Plan Coordinator
    Contact information:
    1-877-327-5261, Option 2

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