Hybrid Retirement Plan: Helping You Plan for Tomorrow, Today

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    Hybrid Retirement Plan Information | Account Information | Other Guides | Investment Information

    Hybrid Retirement Plan Information
    Hybrid Retirement Plan Handbook
    An overview of the Hybrid Retirement Plan.
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    Judicial Retirement System (JRS): Handbook for Members in the Hybrid Retirement Plan
    An overview of the Judicial Retirement Plan for members.
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    Hybrid Retirement Plan Features & Highlights Brochure
    Provides a brief overview of the Hybrid Retirement Plan, including member resources and FAQs.
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    Hybrid Contributions Illustration
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    Hybrid Retirement Plan Roadmap
    First steps for a new hybrid member contributing to the defined contribution component.  
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    Account Information
    How to Designate Your Beneficiary
    These instructions provide information about beneficiary designations for the VRS Defined Contribution Plans.
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    Quick and Easy Access to Your Account
    A guide to using Account Access, the secure web portal members use to log in and manage their accounts, and VantageLine, the automated voice-response system.
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    Quicken Instructions
    Members use these instructions to download their Defined Contribution account activity and import this information into Quicken. 
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    Other Guides
    Hybrid Retirement Plan Leaving Employment Guide
    A guide for members who are retiring or leaving their Virginia employers and covers the benefits of keeping money in the defined contribution component of the VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan, next steps and resources.
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    Getting Ready to Retire Guide for Hybrid Members
    An overview of preparing for retirement for hybrid members.
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    Virginia Sickness and Disability Program Handbook
    An overview for state employees in the Virginia Retirement System, State Police Officers' Retirement System and Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System.
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    Virginia Local Disability Program Handbook
    An overview for employees in the VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan whose school division or political subdivision participates in VLDP.
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    Virginia Local Disability Long-Term Care Plan Brochure
    For local government and school division employees covered under the hybrid plan.
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    Losing a Loved One: Guide for Families PDF icon View
    RMD Checklist
    Required minimum distributions (RMDs) refer to IRS rules that mandate you withdraw minimum yearly amounts from your retirement accounts. Review this checklist to help you understand and manage your RMDs.
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    Investment Information
    Investment Guide
    Introduces types of risk, the importance of asset allocation/diversification and your investment options.
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    VRS Investment Options Performance
    A monthly performance summary of investment funds available in the hybrid plan.
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    VRS Fund Profiles
    Detailed descriptions of the investment options available to members in the hybrid plan.
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    Fee Disclosure Notice
    Explains the fees you pay and the potential impact on your defined contribution account balance.
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    Investment Policy Statement
    Details the investment offerings provided to participants of VRS Defined Contribution Plans and the defined contribution component of the Hybrid Retirement Plan.

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    Account Access

    Defined Benefit Log-in:



      Member News, the VRS quarterly newsletter for members

      Focus, the VRS quarterly newsletter for participants in the Hybrid Retirement Plan and Defined Contribution Plans