Resource Center for VRS Employers: Hybrid Retirement Plan

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Purchase of Prior Service

You may be eligible to purchase prior service from previous public employment, active duty military service, an eligible period of leave or VRS refunded service as service credit in your plan. Purchasing prior service counts toward vesting in the defined benefit component and eligibility for retirement and the health insurance credit.

To purchase prior service, you must be an active VRS member. You are not eligible to purchase prior service if you are employed in a non-covered position, on a leave of absence without pay, a deferred member or a retiree.

Note: If you leave VRS-covered employment and take a refund of your member contributions and interest, membership in VRS is canceled and you are no longer eligible for VRS benefits. If you return to VRS-covered employment, you will be rehired under the applicable plan. You may purchase the prior refunded service upon reemployment.